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REVIEW: Bad Bunny

Don’t let Bad Bunny‘s ($1.00) Batman-esque box art fool you; there is nothing Dark Knight-ish (but mabye slightly Donnie Darko-ish?) about this game. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Sure, it’s a violent, Easter-themed ‘Missile Command‘-style turret defense, but it’s so colorful and bright! Vengeful kittens and bunnies dropping explosive-laden eggs never looked so cheerful! […]

Day 1258: Bureau: Kendall Rising

This review is simple. Did you hate the previous “Kendall” games? By which I mean “Bureau – Agent Kendall” and “Bureau – Shattered Slipper” (not to mention the game “Lucky” that shares the same game engine). Both imperfect games that nonetheless has a lot going for them. If you hated those games, you’ll hate today’s […]

REVIEW: 2048: Xbox 360 Edition

Oh, poor Mobile Gaming Pop Culture. After losing Flappy Bird to the great Bird Nest in the Sky (though it’s destined to be resurrected), it needed a new craze to bide its time during the long workday. Enter Threes! and 2048, bringing number matching / stacking to the forefront of the Internet’s consciousness. 2048: Xbox 360 Edition […]

Day 1257: Four Winds Fantasy

Yesterday’s “The Unbreakable Chain” led me to an obscure (and I mean *obscure*) 2011 release entitled “Four Winds Fantasy”. Taking the same hand-drawn art style that typically inspires a “love it” or “hate it” response, and reminds me of Ren & Stimpy (amongst other popular surrealistic animation and art), this is something that’ll either seem […]

DAY 1256: The Unbreakable Chain

More an art project and experiment than it is an actual game, “The Unbreakable Chain” is an interesting project that has a rough-yet-engaging hand drawn art style. Gameplay has you starting as a worm, and climbing to the surface, at which point you get eaten. Then you become what eats you, and run around trying […]

REVIEW: Super Broken Games

Besides a casual glance at it on the marketplace, my first experience with Super Broken Games ($1.00) came with a tweet from the always-lovely Cathy at Indie Gamer Chick, who could not play the game due to epilepsy concerns with the pulsating menu and in-game effects. After booting up the game for myself, I could […]

Day 1255: Fun in the Gulf

I’ve been hesitant to check this game out for a while. For a long while. It doesn’t have great reviews on the Dashboard, and it looks a little rough around the edges. However, “Fun in the Gulf” is the only way on the xbox to play the strategy board game “Lines of Action”, and it’s […]

Day 1254: SKH-Resurrection

Remember “Super Killer Hornet”? The shooter that forced you to collect math equations are you played, making sure you missed wrong numbers? Well the sequel, “SKH-Resurrection”, and it’s a striking visual upgrade. The audio is upgraded as well, and there are new levels and enemies. The original has a $1 price tag, but this significantly […]

REVIEW: Bitcoin Tycoon

Though popular culture (and the jokes it spawns) doesn’t always translate well to videogame form when it’s the ‘whole game’, Bitcoin Tycoon ($1.00) had me at ‘breeding alpacas’. That says more about me than it does in making it a thrilling feature in a videogame, but I digress. Yes, the screenshots are true. The game […]

Day 1253: DownGate Deathmatch

The standout features for me in “DownGate Deathmatch” are the things that have little directly to do with the combat. Whether using gravity boots to walk on walls or ceilings, or the jetpack to get a birds eye view and/or quickly move you to another part of the map, this is one Quake/Unreal/Doom-style game that […]

Day 1252: EscapePod

A semi-sequel to “Lights Out”, and with more basic presentation paired with stellar puzzle design, “EscapePod” is a one dollar ticket to great gameplay as you avoid lava, use (or avoid) escalators, manipulate the path of the alien blob so you can beat it to the goal, and more. If you get frustrated with a […]

REVIEW: Mysterious Blue Valley

The aura around Mysterious Blue Valley ($1.00) seemed promising at first. A trip to an unknown destination, the allure of a potential job, being taken under the wing of the equally-mysterious ‘Mr. Money’, a rotund fellow who doesn’t believe in wearing shirts to cover his sizable man breasts? Sure, I’ll bite. You should never turn down […]

Day 1251: Solar Chaos

Taking advantage of the fact that things can orbit in space, “Solar Chaos” has you placing a mixture of orbiting and geo-stationary defence turrets to defend against wave after wave of enemies. The mix of orbiting and geo-stationary turrets makes the game feel fresh enough to justify a download even if you’ve played your share […]


Ska Studios has brought us “ZSX4 Guitarpocalypse”, “I MAED A GAM3 W1TH Z0MB1ES!!!1″, “ZP2K9″, “ZP2KX: Zombies & Pterodactyls!”, and Xbox Live Arcade (XBLA) games “The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai”, “Charlie Murder, and “The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile”. Now let’s add “TIME VIKING!!!!!ANDSPACERAPTOR” to the XBLIG list. Taking a page out of “I MAED A GAM3 W1TH Z0MB1ES!!!1″‘s […]

‘Dead Kings’ is Sequel to ‘BloodyCheckers’; Coming Soon

BloodyCheckers and Blood & Bacon (Review) developer BigCorporation is putting the finishing touches on their next project, Dead Kings. The game is a sequel to the beloved castle-crawling, checkers-playing original, featuring a larger castle to explore (six floors), and full co-op support, allowing you to uncover and pillage the castle’s treasures with a friend. The above […]

Day 1249: ZDQ II Ghost Dogs

Now here’s a game that brazenly promotes its music style as a big selling point of the game. That’s refreshing, as it’s a relative rarity amongst games, even ones with stellar soundtracks. Of course, like all games, “ZDQ II Ghost Dogs”‘s soundtrack quality is in the ear of the beholder. For better or for worse, […]

REVIEW: Battle For Demon City

Starring a PS1-era Lara Croft lookalike named Alice, Battle For Demon City ($1.00) is about as campy as you can get. Like ‘B Movie’ campy. It dresses up and sounds the part, and it probably doesn’t hurt that everyone in the game is very… chesty, shall we say. Well, except for the dudes, but it […]

Day 1248: Ascent of Kings

I recently checked out “Fractopia” from Nostatic Software (who also brought us “Quiet, Please!”, “Quiet Christmas”, “Block Zombies!”, “Kung Fu FIGHT!”, and “Vacation Vexation”). Well, let’s add “Ascent of Kings”. A platformer with a focus on exploration, conversing with NPCs to get hints, and that Nostatic look and feel that was done so well in […]

Day 1247: Doppelganger

We recently reviewed 2013 title “Titan Attacks”. But Pumpkin Games released a little-known title way back in 2010 called “Doppelganger” that is pretty intriguing. It has you essentially playing two games of “Defender” simultaneously, warping back and forth between the top half of the screen and the bottom to attack enemies, and save astronauts. It’s […]

Day 1246: A Game For Alexander

The embedded video focuses on the intended effect of the game on infants rather than gameplay, and “A Game For Alexander” is great if you’re looking for just that. I imagine there might be a secondary market for stoners who might find it useful in assisting them tripping out? Maybe? Not a market I personally […]

Day 1245: Avatar Field Goal

What started out looking like a cheesy mini-game without the rest of the mini-game collection to go with it, totally surprised me, exceeding every expectation I had for it, and ultimately reminding me of one of my favourite Dreamcast games, “Virtua Tennis”. “Avatar Field Goal” has you trying to kick field goals. All the things […]

REVIEW: CastleMiner Warfare

One of XBLIG’s great, and unfortunately, rare, success stories, developer DigitalDNA Games is bidding farewell to the service with one final game, CastleMiner Warfare ($1.00). The first part of that title should sound familiar. I’m surprised it took this long for the Dev to make the no-brainer move of pairing its best-selling crafter (it made him a […]

Day 1244: Chicken Origami Invaders

There are a lot of games that resurrect classic play styles that have little hope of finding an audience aside from people filled with nostalgia. But “Chicken Origami Invaders” is one that has half a hope of doing so. That’s because it’s utterly committed to its charm, with an evil video game store owner that’s […]

Day 1243: DATABITS

Sometimes I play games where I don’t directly control things. Even games that weren’t really designed to play that way. For example, “Speedball 2″ was not designed as a detailed sports management sim, but buried in the options is the ability to play it that way. So I did. A lot. I found it enjoyable […]

Day 1242: Giant Hunter

From the publisher of “Along Came A Spider”, “Toy Stunt Bike”, “Toy Stunt Bike 2″, “Vampire Slayer FPS”, “Bulkhead”, “Mini Wizards”, “Saturn 9″, “Avatar Survival Games”, and “BULKHEAD Survival” comes a daring, unexpected, and crazy (not to mention crazily entertaining) mash-up of “Minecraft” and “Shadow of the Collossus”. “Giant Hunter” delivers on its unexpected premise. […]