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REVIEW: DeadKings

The game of Checkers1 is an old one, possibly the oldest. It’s rules are relatively simple; two sides, two sets. Men can make diagonal moves on the board, only going forward, while King pieces—having reached the other side of the board unscathed— have the luxury of moving diagonally in either direction. The idea is to […]


The main calling card of TASSURUS 3012 ($1.00) is a return to the arcade thrills of old, pumping quarters into a hard-as-nails shooter that loved to punish you, but also made your eventual victory that much sweeter. This was before genre mashups, before twin-stick shooters really existed, back when eight-directional fire (and you couldn’t move and […]

REVIEW: Level Zero

Level Zero ($1.00) is actually quite prophetic for a game title. A side-scrolling shooter in the most basic application of the term, it never quite starts, or goes anywhere meaningful. Instead, it feels like a demo, a ‘proof of concept’, full of placeholder art and text, scraped together and shoveled onto the marketplace like a […]

REVIEW: JewellCity

As far as videogames go, both Sim City and Tetris are part of the lingua franca. Almost everyone has at least heard of them, if not played them to death in some form or port on one system or another. Pairing the two play styles into one ‘supergame’ sounds like a super idea. In fact, we’ve […]

The Impossible Game Level Pack: STILL EASY

The Impossible Game Level Pack

I wish they made more levels But game is pertty awesome I have to say :)

REVIEW: SuperCollider

SuperCollider ($1.00) seems like the end result of a feverish Red Bull1 weekend and a marathon session spent in Microsoft Paint. Between the ‘loud’ backgrounds and the cringe-worthy visual style, I can’t think of any other explanation. It would certainly explain the attention given to the design and gameplay (or lack thereof), which feels ‘rushed’ […]

Microsoft’s Curious Decision on Content

The recent Microsoft layoffs, 18K in all and the largest in company history, has got a lot of media attention. I often wonder about the value of something like this. It may fatten up the bottom line, but will it do so enough to justify the bad press? In any big organisation there’s a lot […]

REVIEW: The Party

The Party ($1.00) is dreadful stuff. I probably could have used a better lead-in to that statement, but I figured it was best to get it right out there in the least amount of time, ‘time’ being something that The Party doesn’t do too well with. Team Shuriken‘s newest pseudo text adventure drops most of the […]

REVIEW: Amazing Princess Sarah

For years now, the 2D Castlevanias (and, of course, all the Castlevania-likes) have been struggling with a pretty significant part of their gameplay— how to make the constant overworld battles with whatever evil dungeon / cave / castle’s numerous foot soldiers interesting1, and keep players engaged between boss fights and story events. Lucky for us all, Haruneko‘s Amazing Princess […]

REVIEW: Halloween Scream 2

A long time ago, in a galaxy… uh, exactly like this one, actually, text-based adventure games were the extent of the world’s interactive entertainment possibilities. There were no such things as high-definition graphics, procedurally-generated everything, or decent animation, really. If you wanted to experience a story, you had to click through screens of semi-descriptive text and […]

Xbox One’s ability to control your TV and cable box

One of the things that excited me about the Xbox One was its ability to control your television and cable box. At launch, in Canada, it could only control your TV, but they did relatively promptly roll out the ability to control your cable box as well. I know that it’s not as relevant in […]

‘Dead War’ Features Zombies, Guns, Tactics

Two out of those three features guarantees a certain amount of success on XBLIG, so adding some actual ‘thinking’ to the mix is a welcome bonus! Above is a playthrough from the first chapter of Dead War, developer Bandana Games’ upcoming squad shooter. Due to be executed that day, a death row inmate instead finds […]

“Quacamelee!” has me thinking

Microsoft’s done something interesting with July’s free “Games With Gold” offering. They held over “Max: The Curse of Brotherhood” for a second month, and added “Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition”. If you have an Xbox 360, and are considering these games, then suddenly an Xbox One just got about $30 cheaper for you. Guacamelee! STCE […]

REVIEW: Fat Dragons

There’s generally two things you can expect whenever you play a game by developer Nostatic Software1; some very charming pixel work, and that nagging feeling that you may not be having all that much fun playing that game. Whether that’s a fair assessment or not, Fat Dragons ($1.00) is exactly this. To be clear, this time it’s […]

Risky behaviour in video games (and other media)

Keen-eyed viewers will notice that I haven’t exactly been posting up a storm, lately. In real life I have a business to run, and this is our busy season and it’s really time I focus on that (and family, and chores, and all the other non-optional elements of life). That said, I read an article […]

My Thoughts On: “Edge of Tomorrow”

Ever seen “Groundhog Day” with Bill Murray? This is like that, but with power armour. It reminds me a bit of what “Starship Troopers” ought to have been, as the book that movie was based on featured power armour even if it was conspicuous by its absence from the film. The movie isn’t lighting up […]

Xbox 360 indie review: “STRACO : Purge and Conquest”

The original STRACO, “STRACO Episode 1″ to be specific, was an interesting mash-up between action shooting and tower defence. It was much improved after a 2.0 update was released for it (that, thanks to plumbing the indie channel for hidden gems, I got right off the bat). It’s finally got a well deserved sequel, and […]

My Thoughts On: “X-Men: Days of Future Past”

Not directly game related, but I wanted to add my thoughts on the film “X-Men: Days of Future Past”. Firstly, game players may find a familiar theme in [spoilers ahead!] the early moments of the film where our heroes in the far dystopian future escape the wrath of the Sentinels by, effectively, reloading a save […]

Xbox 360 (XBLIG) review: Match with Wally

If you’re like me, and you like dry/dark humour, then I strongly recommend you watch this video, and jump right to the 25:05 mark: This is a video made by someone else, not me. Feel free to watch the whole thing if so inclined, but it’s just past the 25 minute mark where I really […]

…this is now.

Here we have an updated list. Instead of hundreds of views for the top country, we have tens of thousands. Keep in mind too, that this does not include those who read WMD over RSS, which is how the majority of the site’s viewers do it. Being an English language site, English-speaking countries understandably top […]

That was then….

Back in Mar. 11th 2012, I saved a list of all the visitors to the site to date. The slight number of views reflects how early in the site’s history it was. It’s an interesting time capsule. Tomorrow, I’ll update it with a current list. All Time Country Views United States 661 United Kingdom 275 […]

Xbox 360 (XBLIG) review: Rock Bottom

“Rock Bottom”. It comes to us from the publisher of “Get Rich or Die Gaming” and “The Rise of Gaddafish”, and it’s equally zany. You don’t play “Rock Bottom” for a cohesive story, you play it for craziness for craziness’ sake. You’ll either find them endearing or annoying, so a free trial is in order, […]

Xbox 360 review (XBLIG): The Impossible Game Level Pack

This is more a “be aware this thing exists” post, be cause if you played the original “The Impossible Game” and enjoyed it, then why wouldn’t you want a whole new long and incredibly difficult level to try (and repeatedly fail) to beat? And that’s exactly what “The Impossible Game Level Pack” would have offered, […]

Avatar Legends: 2360:

Avatar Legends: 2360

i can see the effort put into this game. it looks great and has a interesting leveling system and it has charm

but... i personally gound the lack of auto-aim unforgivably annoying, i found it easier to move my avatar around to hit enemies rather than my crosshair... it's the only reason i don't play in more than short spurts

The changing PC gaming market

I’m almost finished going through the archives of old articles I had once authored, and then not posted for whatever reason. This one is from December 14th, 2010, and it’s largely complete. ==== Further proof that people who say that PC gaming is dying simply don’t get it. What’s happening is that PC gaming is […]